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Areas to consider Changing

Offered Services


  • Ramps
  • Exterior Lifts
  • Low profile no-trip thresh
  • Smooth floor transitions
  • Lever handles
  • Swing away / Offset door hinges
  • Access points at least 32 inches wide
  • Move blocking furniture
  • Outside pathway, halls and stairs well lit
  • Halls and Stairs, cleared of clutter
  • Non-slip surfaces on the stairs and other uncarpeted areas (tile or wood, etc)
  • Pathways cleared of debris, loose parts, uneven areas and any other slipping hazard
  • Larger visible Street Numbers
  • Secure locks, that are easy to operate and won't accidently lock.


  • Lever, motion or touch sensitive faucets
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Automatic toilet Bidets
  • Grab bars - Securely mounted
  • Shower upgrades, such as zero transitions / curbless entry and handheld shower heads
  • Baths with transfer points and or hinged doors
  • Sinks with knee / wheelchair space
  • Vanity units with knee / wheelchair space
  • Water temperature set below 120 F


  • Lower ovens
  • Ovens with shelf below, to allow heated food to be removed from oven
  • Easily accessible fire extinguisher
  • Frensh door refrigerators
  • Cabinet Inserts
  • Lever, motion or touch sensitive faucets
  • Shallow and reduced high sinks
  • Sinks with knee / wheelchair space below
  • Non-slip step stools with grip handles
  • Good lighting, with task oriented additional lighting
  • D-Handles instead of round knobs on drawers and cabinets

Additional Areas / Whole Home

  • Light switches lowered
  • Electrical sockets raised
  • Motion activated lights or Rocker switches (not toggle)
  • Raised washer / dryer with front loading
  • Health care monitoring / Medical alert devices
  • Secure Handrails
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed and working
  • Furniture arranged for easy movement, especially movement from bed to toilet

What we offer

Initial home inspection 3-5 hours, we will work with client and / or designated representative to:

  • Discuss the client's needs
  • Inspect the home
  • Prioritize the recommendations based on client and home conditions
  • Make recommendations based on best practices recommended by: AARP-HomeFit, ACLA-Aging Life Care Associations, & NAHB-National Association of Home Builders - Aging in Place
  • Produce indicative estimates for top and middle priority work items
  • Agree with the client and / or designated representative which priorities should be addressed, according to priority and budget
  • Introduce client and / or designated representative to the qualified contractors who can complete the work
  • The qualified contractor will deliver a quote for those items, within a week of inspection
  • The Contractor's quote will be based on the following: Hours of labor required, with rates for typically costing Experienced Tradesperson $25 per hour and Senior Tradesperson of $45 per hour. The job might require a mix of both levels of skill set. Material will typically be quoted at cost.
  • The complete initial inspection costs $150

We will work to Adapt your Home

  • Once the quotes are accepted, PlanHomeForYou will assist with planning the work
  • Liaise with the contractor to make sure the design is fully understood
  • The contractor will purchase the materials and book the date for the installation
  • If there is likely to be a reason for a difference between the quote and final price, the contractor will document the reason for the difference and discuss with the client
  • Work will be completed to your satisfaction