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Ask Yourself

Let us help you decide on the work you may need now, or in the near future

If you're wondering if you need work done, we've got some questions for you to answer that may help you decide.

  • Is there at least one step-free entrance to your home?
  • Is there a bedroom, bathroom, and or kitchen on the ground floor?
  • Are the interior doorways at least 32 inches wide?
  • Does the kitchen have a work surface that can be used from sitting?
  • Is there a fire extinguisher within reach of the stove and or oven?
  • Are cabinets within easy reach, handles easy to use?
  • Do your faucets have lever, motion or touch to turn on and off?
  • Are outside paths, hallways and stairs well lit? With switches on each end?
  • Clearly visible house numbers?
  • Entry doors that are secure, but easy to operate and won't accidentally lock?
  • Front door peepholes at a suitable height?
  • Security chain on front door?
  • Are all your carpets secure and non-slip backing applied to rugs and mats?
  • Grab / Handrails securely installed, into studs, with block backing or the correct high capacity secure wall plugs (wing type)?
  • Do you have telephone or medical alert device within easy reach at all times?
  • Do you have rocker toggle or rockers switches for lighting?
  • Do you have multple flashlights within easy reach?